What’s on the trid this year?

Captain Chaos - 10.05.2013 7:19PM

>>>>>[So my personal favorite this year, going on its third season, is The Odd Coven. This trid sitcom revolves around Oscar, the obsessive/compulsive hermetic mage and the laid-back, grass-roots hippie, Felix, who both work at the fictional ZeusWerks Corporation. They also are roommates in the same apartment complex, as they both didn’t want to live in corporate housing. Their friends are Murray, who lives downstairs and runs the nearby occult shop, Gloria, a corporate secretary who doesn’t know a thing about magic, and Homer, who also lives downstairs and works at ZeusWerks. I have all the Odd Coven dolls and apartment building storage for them.

It started out slow with a rehash of hermetic and shamanic jokes from other trids in the first season, but evolved rapidly into its own with an expanded view of them working at ZeusWerks and them moving into the apartment complex. The introduction of secondary characters like Murray, Homer, and Gloria and each of their backgrounds, made it very popular with the 14 to 31 age group.

Last season had a trippy metaplanar two hour special as ZeusWerks had a ritual get out of hand and suck the whole building into another plane of existence! And now this season has some interesting twists, like Felix is going into space to build a biosphere for ZeusWerks to perform magic in, Homer may have latent magical abilities or may be haunted by the previous tenant, and Gloria and Oscar are dating.]<<<<<

—Vacuum Tube Baby (18:51:32/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Boring. There are more action packed reality shows with Suerte y Muerte gladiatorial fighting, or Golden Glory where twenty contestants fight to escape from a hostile, booby-trapped zone.]<<<<<

—Bloodyguts (18:57:26/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Be nice. You lost the bet, she got the blog this week. ]<<<<<

—Captain Chaos (18:52:22/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Most of the “action-packed” reality shows are Atzlan-sponsored crap with corp-scrip prizes.  Don’t know why people watch that drek. ]<<<<<

—SPD (18:52:25/05-10-54)

>>>>>[ZeusWerks is a veiled attempt to mock an actual corporation, but the producers have paid enough lawyers to avert said corporate from getting hostile. And they’ve disguised it well enough to keep people guessing as to who it represents.]<<<<<

—Otho  (18:52:28/05-10-54)

>>>>>[I doubt anyone would construe this as more than just fiction. Like the Baking with Aunt Sally show, which is just trid stars gossiping with no real cooking involved.]<<<<<

—Reality Bytes (18:51:44/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Deathstar 9 is a better show, with a gruesome death every ten minutes. ]<<<<<

—Bloodyguts (18:57:26/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Not everyone is a psychopath and watches such drek. Those shows are corporations running a Romanesque gladiatorial trid to keep the masses placated and not think of their own misery. ]<<<<<

—Reality Bytes (18:57:26/05-10-54)

>>>>>[I told you Bloodyguts, she got the blog this week.  Don’t make me put you in the penalty box for something this trivial.]<<<<<

—Captain Chaos (18:57:30/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Odd Coven, while very loose on real magic, gets the terminology right now wnd then. And the guest star is occasionally some mage simstar, which is awesome!]<<<<<

—Vacuum Tube Baby (18:57:55/05-10-54)

>>>>>[No mage is actually consulted for this show. The scripting is done more from the mythos of magic, using the same group that produces the kung fu action movies. The sitcom revolves around stereotyping magical traditions and emphasizing magical misconceptions for comedic effect—pretty lame if you ask me. Even the trid stars aren’t all mages, they just look good slinging spells. ]<<<<<

—Reality Bytes (18:58:11/05-10-54)

>>>>>[It would be boring as hell watching some wizard scrawling something on the floor foSurging hours to produce something that can’t be seen by anyone without astral vision. ]<<<<<

—Darius (18:58:45/05-10-54)

>>>>>[Logging off, the show is about to begin!!!]<<<<<

—Vacuum Tube Baby (18:59:55/05-10-54)