Trolls don’t need to Jump

Captain Chaos - 03.05.2013 4:10PM

>>>>>[Interesting sport, basketball; a game invented so that kids in gym have something to do when it’s raining outside. Even after a century of play, there had been only minor changes to how the game is played. Then the Sixth World happened and the whole rulebook had to be rewritten. Luckily all the sports were in the same boat and could collaborate on it. ]<<<<<

—NETNEWS (06:36:36/04-06-54)

>>>>>[Please. Kids started playing virtual sports earlier than that when they didn’t have a local gym to go to, so the physical game is already antiquated. ]<<<<<

—Nybbles (06:37:21/04-06-54)

>>>>>[Just because you can’t get your head out of the Matrix doesn’t mean there isn’t a real world to play in.]<<<<<

—Neo-@nnie Archist (06:37:36/04-06-54)

>>>>>[Anyways, seven years ago North American Basketball Association allowed cybernetics into the game. How’s that affecting play?  In my opinion, it feels a little rougher. There’s the occasional sound of impact on plastic rather than flesh. The scores are a little higher, but overall the Association has kept tight control over technological invasion.]>>>>>

—NETNEWS (06:40:36/04-06-54)

>>>>>[ Cybernetics and Awakened should play in their own leagues so that traditionalists can enjoy the game as it was meant to be played. Cybernetics are crutches for those who couldn’t play well unaided. ]<<<<<

—C@v3 Dweller (06:41:07/04-06-54)

>>>>>[ If you wanted to be traditionalist, then remove GPS chips from the balls and all that graphic trid overlay you rely on because you’re too lazy or cheap to watch it live]<<<<<

—Hatchetman (06:41:52/04-06-54)

>>>>>[Let’s not forget that segregation of sports by metaspecies was removed. How’s that affecting the game? There are only twenty-four elves playing in the NABA.  Why not any orks or dwarves? Well, some metahumans simply wouldn’t fit in standard games. Honestly, if you sat a troll in front of a soccer goal, where could the ball go? In basketball, they wouldn’t quick, but they wouldn’t need to jump to dunk either. And they’d be tremendous shot blockers. ]<<<<<

—NETNEWS (06:42:04/04-06-54)

>>>>>[I believe because elves and trolls have visible differences that mark their advantages, they’re easier to target.  Cybernetics, on the other hand, can be seen as nothing more than tools. And sometimes they can’t even be seen. ]<<<<<

—SPD (06:44:36/04-06-54)

>>>>>[It’s sad that racial discrimination has introduced itself back into sports. In Denver we’re starting a petition for NABA to formally recognize metahuman-only leagues for basketball. We have a league with several teams of dwarves using the existing courts at the Hub (no half-court jokes please). In the CAS and UCAS Sectors, there has been enough interest that a few teams are getting corporate backing in the form of time at the Denver Sports Complex. ]<<<<<

—NETNEWS (06:45:14/04-06-54)

>>>>>[In exchange for what? What’s their angle? ]<<<<<

–PROUD-NEWBIE (06:45:14/04-06-54)

>>>>>[Entertainment feeds to the trid, what else? While they get the money, the leagues are getting a little visibility.]<<<<<

—Vacuum Tube Baby (06:51:32/04-06-54)

>>>>>[The Big Rhino has funded the construction of the first troll-sized basketball court in Seattle providing video feed back to the restaurant for entertainment. Those that wish to support the creation of metahuman leagues can sign up here]<<<<<

—NETNEWS (07:12:36/04-06-54)