Universal Brotherhood: Awesome, or Just Great?

Captain Chaos - 18.01.2013 3:12PM

>>>>>[So, we’ve heard all the items about how the Universal Brotherhood “must be up to something” because they’re “too good to be true.” Well, before you jump on the conspiracy train, here’s something you should know: I wouldn’t be here if not for them. See, I got a very nasty bit of shrapnel from … something, and I was out for a while. When I came to, I was being chewed on by some devil rats. Yeah, it was not a good day for me. So, too far away from any street doc that I’d be willing to trust and out of nuyen, I slagged my way to the free UB Clinic. Just a few hours later I was shrapnel free, with an anti-viral shot coursing through my veins. I even got a bowl of thin soup, all for the high-high price of hearing someone preach about togetherness and other fun things. Don’t worry, paranoiacs out there—I didn’t drink the flavor-mix.

So the next person that says bad things about the UB will be getting a dumpshock headache from yours truly!]<<<<<

—Field Decker (14:21:18/01-20-54)

>>>>>[This is why I never leave the basement.]<<<<<

—C@v3 Dweller (14:31:32/01-20-54)

>>>>>[Just be glad it wasn’t a gunshot wound (GSW)—even the UB clinics call in Lone Star for those. But what I really want to know is, how did you explain the shrapnel?]<<<<<

—SPD (18:12:55/01-20-54)

>>>>>[I said a fire hydrant blew up next to me for no known reason. Funny enough, it has the advantage of being true.]<<<<<

—Field Decker (18:15:00/01-20-54)

>>>>>[I have a lot of contacts on the street who wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the Brotherhood. I try to steer work toward them when I can, but there’s not enough to go around. They’re a proud bunch, even when starving, but they’ll accept food from the soup kitchens the UB runs because “I pay by listening to their drek.” So yeah—some people seem like they’re getting help. But the cynic in me says the UB is working an angle—they’re probably just skimming some cash from the donations or something.]<<<<<

—Hatchetman (19:01:17/01-20-54)

>>>>>[Hey, didn’t Dirk post something about them awhile back?]<<<<<

—Quincy (19:45:25/01-20-54)

>>>>>[If you call a rambling discourse about strange whatever-the-frag he was going on about a post, then, yes, he did. Sorry Quincy, I know he’s a chummer, but the guys had zero signal/noise ratio on that post.]<<<<<

—Zek-Zek-Zek the V (19:48:12/01-20-54)

>>>>>[He was rather high on painkillers when he saw what he wrote about. But his brain was still working. I don’t want to speak for him, though—I’ll see if he’ll comment.]<<<<<

—Argent (21:01:18/01-20-54)

>>>>>[The UB’s free clinics and soup kitchens do a pretty good job of helping out some of the SINless who otherwise would fall though the cracks. I won’t say good things about them, but I won’t say anything bad about them either, and that should tell you all a hell of a lot.]<<<<<

—Neo-@nnie Archist (21:22:15/01-20-54)

>>>>>[What’s this about Lone Star? I though gunshot wounds were reported to the Police Department?]<<<<<

—Proud-NEWBIE (23:12:59/01-20-54)

>>>>>[Living up to your name again, aren’t you? OK, short lesson: Seattle decided that the Seattle Police Department (my old crew) was just too expensive, and outsourced police services lock-stock-and-barrel to Lone Star Security, who already had a contract with the city to run the prisons in the area. Funny how a lot of the city council that voted to hire them also got new homes or boats or whatever close to the same time Lone Star came in to give us the boot.]<<<<<

—SPD (23:44:22/01-20-54)

>>>>>[I can never figure out who is just an idiot here and who is deliberately trolling.]<<<<<

—Hachetman (01:08:12/01-21-54)

>>>>>[We’ve got a few folks who are a little—well, let’s say “sheltered.”]<<<<<

—Captain Chaos (01:12:10/01-21-54)