Happy Awakening day, everyone!

Captain Chaos - 21.12.2012 9:22AM

>>>>>[Good morning, ladies and not-so-gentlefolk! Captain Chaos here. Welcome to this year’s installment of Awakening Day!

Most of you who got your education on the street or here on Shadowland will know the Awakening started today, forty-two years ago. To be truthful, the whole of 2011 was pretty much a banner year for crazy drek hitting the industrial fan, but historians and magical scholars believe today, December 21st, was the day the Fifth World officially gave birth to the Sixth World we live in. Sure, the Great Dragon Ryumyo didn’t show up until December 24th, but the 21st was the day the Mayan long count officially ran out. For all we know, the Fifth World ended with a whimper on the 21st and the newborn Sixth World just took a few days before it decided to let us mere mortals know it could cry just like any other infant does after the doc gives it a good slap on the hoop. Except this newborn had dragon lungs. And it scared the drek out of an entire bullet train’s worth of passengers in Japan.

Forty-two years later, it still scares the drek out of us sometimes. There are so many things out there that we don’t yet understand (and probably still won’t understand another twenty years from now), but that’s just the reality of the world we live in.

As we celebrate yet another year of our blissfully Awakened world, I invite all of you to take some time and peruse the Shadowland archives for any articles you haven’t read before … or maybe rescan something you slotted long ago and forgot about. Someone somewhere—several different someones, I imagine—once said “Information is ammunition,” and nowhere else is that so incredibly true than in our line of work. We live and die not just by who we know, but what we know, and what we do with that knowledge. If some little nugget of info in this data haven keeps a bullet, spell, or fang from lodging itself into your brainpan, well, me and the Denver Data Haven boys are glad to have helped, especially on a crazy anniversary like today.

History has shown that on every Awakening Day, the average Joe Chummer tends to expect something else apocalyptic or magical will happen. December 21st is the winter solstice, after all, a day believed to hold magical significance long before magic returned to the world. Unfortunately, when enough people expect something to happen, those same people hopped up on emotion and paranoia tend to accidentally make those things happen—anything from harmless pranks to far more lethal catastrophes. So for today, I advise staying indoors, away from all the shenanigans and goings on (unless you are among the paid perpetrators of said shenanigans, that is), and maybe catch up on a little light reading. Who knows? It might just save your life.

Today marks another year into the Awakening, another year certain to be filled with change. But as they say, the more things change—well, you all know the rest.]<<<<<

—Captain Chaos (05:12:35/12-21-53)


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