Shadowrun Online - 30.08.2013 2:49PM

If you remember, it was two years ago when the first bioware models were released to the public. I was a bit (read very) flush at the time, so I was one of the first to get a vat-enhanced muscular system. I figured I’d check back in with y’all every few years to let you know how it was going—side effects, cancer, epilepsy, etc. Read More


wordsmyth - 20.08.2013 10:39PM

Usually I don’t have much time to talk here, but I wanted to share a bit of information that I thought was important, but too sparse for a formal essay or manuscript. In case you haven’t heard about the tragic plane accident over the Atlantic Ocean, here is a snip from today’s CAS Archaeology Review: Read More


Bullet Train - 02.08.2013 4:37PM

Look, I don’t wanna tell no sob stories here. I just want to start by saying that I was lucky to have been born in the UCAS instead of my parents’ native land—otherwise, I’d be on Yomi Island as we speak. “Lucky” here is subjective, of course. I’ve been living on my own since I was a kid; my folks weren’t too keen on spending the extra nuyen on super-sized clothes, if you know what I mean. When you’re a young troll out on the streets, you get to see a lot of drek. Read More


Merlin - 05.07.2013 10:08AM

>>>>>[More scary weirdness from our elven friends in the Tír. After last month’s newsblips about the corps vanishing from Portland, a lot of colleagues were trampling over each other to get out of the Tír, but I was rearing to get in. I had just concluded, in a refreshingly peaceful manner, an “import arrangement” with some enterprising young orks and trolls in the Gypsy Wheelers. My ride out of town wasn’t happening for at least another twenty-four hours, so I took a road trip up to Crater Lake to see just how blue that water really is, and what it looks like on the astral. Read More

Review: Surdar the Savage

Everyone's Critic - 21.06.2013 10:46PM

Okay, yeah, before you say it: I know. This is a cheap ripoff of Neil the Ork Barbarian, made by a shady production house trying to cash in on the pent-up desire for more Neil adventures. But you know what? I’ll be fragged if the damn thing isn’t a couple hours of head-cracking, limb-lopping, sword-and-fur-loincloth fun. Especially when, like me, you don’t pay for it. Read More

The Big Girl’s Guide to Fitting In and Looking Fabulous

Sassy - 14.06.2013 10:43AM

Listen up, my troll and ork chicas. Let’s talk about the fact that the world isn’t made to fit us, and most of it doesn’t give a frag. It’s bad enough that when we’re on runs, half the time we don’t fit in the vehicle seats right, or if we lose our weapons we’re stuck using those ridiculous tiny things made for the human-sized majority. Yeah, that’s bad enough, but at least we share those problems with our brothers. Read More

I’m Joining the Universal Brotherhood

Grondo - 07.06.2013 8:34AM

Okay, I’ve been seeing a lot of postings lately about the UB and how great they are for the community, so I decided to check it out. I’ve got a few friends who’ve made use of their services and attended some of their meetings, and they all raved about how inspirational it was. My life’s kind of been in the drekker lately, so I figured I could use a little inspiration. Read More

A Runner’s Guide to the Ork Underground

Tully - 01.06.2013 1:31PM

Everybody who lives in Seattle knows the basics about the Ork Underground—stretches all over the sprawl, unfriendly outside the tourist areas if you’re not an ork or a troll, only accessible via two points if you’re just looking to goggle at the trogs and snap trid photos for the folks back home. Local runners know there are a lot more entry and exit points if you pay the right people and aren’t a racist drekhead. The Underground can be an invaluable resource for those who respect it—but the keyword is “respect.” You’re coming into our homes, chummers. Act like it. Read More

What’s on the trid this year?

Captain Chaos - 10.05.2013 7:19PM

>>>>>[So my personal favorite this year, going on its third season, is The Odd Coven. This trid sitcom revolves around Oscar, the obsessive/compulsive hermetic mage and the laid-back, grass-roots hippie, Felix, who both work at the fictional ZeusWerks Corporation. Read More

Trolls don’t need to Jump

Captain Chaos - 03.05.2013 4:10PM

>>>>>[Interesting sport, basketball; a game invented so that kids in gym have something to do when it’s raining outside. Even after a century of play, there had been only minor changes to how the game is played. Then the Sixth World happened and the whole rulebook had to be rewritten. Luckily all the sports were in the same boat and could collaborate on it. ]<<<<<

—NETNEWS (06:36:36/04-06-54) Read More