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primetide - 01.10.2015 12:31PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi chummers,
October is here and we plan to release the new add-on for SRC innocently named INFECTED! at the end of the month.
There is new content and we expanded and adjusted the skill trees and weapon flavors, so I am sure we added some terrible exploits, nerfed some great combos and in general made a mess of things. So we need help from some real pros…you guys.
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Continue exploring the Sioux Nation with Butte ebook and new fiction!

JHardy - 01.10.2015 12:05PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

Our ebook explorations of the Sioux Nation are moving ahead with two new books (one a bit newer than the other). The newest one provides a look at the shadowy goings-on in the city of Butte, and it goes by the easy-to-remember title of Butte (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). The other one, the new short fiction from Shadowrun novel author R.L. King, who wrote Borrowed Time, is called Wolf and Buffalo (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG, Amazon), and it takes you into the intrigue and deep traditions of Sioux Nation residents. Read all about it here.


Chronicles Add-On sneak peek

primetide - 17.09.2015 9:36AM - Shadowrun Chronicles

As you already may have heard, we have heeded the calls of our players and will not slash passives across the board. Instead we will actually extend all skill trees by one ability tier sprucing up some skills like blunt and blade as well as magic and mixing up the Passives trees. We will also slightly increase the cost for higher tier abilities in the skill tree, meaning getting to 11×11 will take a healthy bit of extra work, while getting to 4×11 will remain doable within the campaign with a little co-op. Read More


After the holidays – a small update

primetide - 01.09.2015 2:06PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi Chummers,
back from the holidays and some overdue rest and also spending some quality time with my kids. I started them on tabeltop roleplaying (not Shadowrun yet, but a simple system, but hey, you gotta start somewhere). Of course the good folks back at the office have been busy working on the update and it is shaping up nicely. So come end of October you should be able to spend some more time in Boston and make new friends and a bunch of new enemies. Read More


The Power of the Community

Randall Bills - 15.08.2015 12:34PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

Hoi Chummers, we’ve just posted a Tumblr on the awesome power of the Shadowrun community! Specifically, it deals with the layers permeating back and forth between computer games and the tabletop, as illustrated by the first full length campaign mod by the Shadowrun Identity Project that is based on the classic paperback sourcebook Mercurial. Read all about it here.