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After the holidays – a small update

primetide - 01.09.2015 2:06PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi Chummers,
back from the holidays and some overdue rest and also spending some quality time with my kids. I started them on tabeltop roleplaying (not Shadowrun yet, but a simple system, but hey, you gotta start somewhere). Of course the good folks back at the office have been busy working on the update and it is shaping up nicely. So come end of October you should be able to spend some more time in Boston and make new friends and a bunch of new enemies. Read More


The Power of the Community

Randall Bills - 15.08.2015 12:34PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

Hoi Chummers, we’ve just posted a Tumblr on the awesome power of the Shadowrun community! Specifically, it deals with the layers permeating back and forth between computer games and the tabletop, as illustrated by the first full length campaign mod by the Shadowrun Identity Project that is based on the classic paperback sourcebook Mercurial. Read all about it here.


Release Date, Anyone?

cklimecky - 31.07.2015 12:17AM - Shadowrun Returns

Hey everyone!

Mitch here, with just enough bandwidth to pull my head out of polishing the game to let you know that Shadowrun: Hong Kong has an official release date! During the Kickstarter, we estimated that we would release the game in August… and that’s why we’re releasing the game in August!


August 20th, 2015 at 10am PST, to be specific. On Steam, GOG and Humble. Read More


Contest: Become your own worst enemy!

primetide - 24.07.2015 8:11PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi chummers,
Gearing up for the add-on we have now decided on the enemies you will have to face there. One of them is a group of real pros – an enemy runner team comprised of the meanest, toughest, most dangerous runners money can buy: YOU!
Well, some of you to be exact. Because we are starting our next contest and this one is all about getting your runner into the game!
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Cliffhanger July update

primetide - 01.07.2015 11:19PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi Chummers,

we have been silent for a while here at Cliffhanger Central, as a consequence of the insolvency procedures involving Cliffhanger Software. We’ve had a lot on our hands and are still in the process of getting the Cliffhanger Games company into shape, with our main goal being the continuous maintaining and expanding of Shadowrun Chronicles.

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