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Two new Shadowrun books released …

JHardy - 04.12.2014 6:53PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

That’s right! The new book Aetherology¬†offers a grand tour of many metaplanes, whereas London Falling features four adventures for Shadowrun set in London. Learn more about them here.


Dev-Diary #21: Putting the logic in levels

Shadowrun Online - 28.11.2014 12:11PM - Shadowrun Online

During the last weeks we’ve been mostly showing you new features coming to Shadowrun Online soon. This time however we’d like to give you another glimpse behind the curtain, showing you how we create the things you get to play. Please welcome Chris, a veteran programmer at Cliffhanger Productions who recently joined the Shadowrun Online Team.

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Dev-Diary #20: Skills 2.0

Shadowrun Online - 21.11.2014 12:05PM - Shadowrun Online

The last two issues of our blog series about the development of Shadowrun Online were filled with graphical updates. This time however we won’t show you new character models, but rather give you an answer to a question we have been asked alot lately: How will the skill system change? Our lead game designer Tom has the answer to that question.

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Dev-Diary #19: Hairy and Scary

Shadowrun Online - 14.11.2014 12:01PM - Shadowrun Online

As we already announced, all our departments are currently working on a lot of improvements and changes to Shadowrun Online. Expect more news about the changes within the upcoming weeks. For this issue of our dev diary series however we’re going to follow up to last week’s blog entry that presented our improved human player model. Ever since we posted it, people have been asking “Are you touching up the other races too?” Here’s the answer, written again by our lead designer Tom.

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