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Dev-Diary #09: Convention season!

Shadowrun Online - 15.08.2014 5:23PM - Shadowrun Online

It’s that time of the year again, Chummers: As summer starts to draw to a close (at least in some countries, Austria alas included), everywhere conventions try to attract the big crowds. And we Cliffhanger People are right among them at two special events.

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Catalyst At Gen Con 2014!

Randall Bills - 10.08.2014 1:23PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

This week’s weekly release of Shadowrun: Crossfire goodness featured the full rules! But the awesomeness doesn’t end there: We have posted a huge announcement featuring CGL’s presence at Gen Con 2014: Read all about the Shadowrun RPG Experience, Shadowrun: Crossfire and much, much more.


Dev-Diary #8: Making a pair of pants

Shadowrun Online - 08.08.2014 10:16AM - Shadowrun Online

Most of you will already know that we released a new update August 7th, bringing both an early version of Coop and the first iteration of Character Customization, which allows you to create your own avatar and dress him to your likes. It seems many of you have already taken a liking to find a cool, crazy or even gender-bending outfit, so it’s only fitting that in today’s dev-diary Stefan, who worked (and still works) on the various pieces of clothing, talks about what it takes to make a pair of pants.

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New update for Shadowrun Online OUT NOW!

Shadowrun Online - 07.08.2014 8:48AM - Shadowrun Online

Hoi Chummers!

A new update for Shadowrun Online has just arrived, filled to the brim with new features, improvements and fixes. As already announced, this one brings Character Customization as well as Random Coop, but there is a lot more to discover, so be sure to check it out!

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