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Cliffhanger July update

primetide - 01.07.2015 11:19PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Hoi Chummers,

we have been silent for a while here at Cliffhanger Central, as a consequence of the insolvency procedures involving Cliffhanger Software. We’ve had a lot on our hands and are still in the process of getting the Cliffhanger Games company into shape, with our main goal being the continuous maintaining and expanding of Shadowrun Chronicles.

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Chrome Flesh now available for PDF purchase and print pre-order!

JHardy - 30.06.2015 10:55PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

The Sixth World is, of course, a horribly dystopian place, but it also is a place where people face the wondrous possibilities of making entirely new versions of themselves. Any part of the metahuman body can be replaced, and the new augmentations sourcebook Chrome Flesh (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG) is your guide to all the possibilities. With cyberware, bioware, nanotech, genetech, and a host of new chemicals, this book gives runners dozens of ways to amp up their game–and see just how much of their humanity they’re willing to fritter away. It also comes with full tables listing all Shadowrun, Fifth Edition augmentations to this point! Want more information? Click here.


Steam Flash sale for Shadowrun Chronicles today! 66% OFF!

primetide - 18.06.2015 10:05AM - Shadowrun Chronicles

Steam Flash sale for Shadowrun Chronicles! 66% OFF!

Base game for just 10 bucks!

Deluxe RPG featuring the Boston Lockdown Campaign Book AND the 5th Edition Rule Book for only 24 bucks!

It will not get cheaper than this!

BUY IT TODAY: ONLY VALID UNTIL until 10 pm PST on the 18th/7am CEST



New update with first end game mission

primetide - 03.06.2015 1:50PM - Shadowrun Chronicles

This update brings you the first challenge mission, which you can repeat as often as you like for 5 Karma and contains exclusive rewards from new weapons to gear and pets. The mission has three stages and will be challenging for even the toughest of runners! To help you co-ordinate every map also now features a compass for orientation! Also: New Doc Wagon cards for improved healing! 
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