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Dev-Diary #25: You could look like this!

Shadowrun Online - 23.01.2015 3:52PM - Shadowrun Online

Ever since our Kickstarter Campaign ended, we were looking forward to the portraits of our backers that were part of the higher reward tiers. Some of you know the stories about the artist who started working on them and then vanished, leaving us high and dry and the production stalled for quite a while.  This time however we’re not going to discuss the past. We’re discussing the present. And that means: Backer portraits are back in production. Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure – and keep in mind: You will see some of them pretty soon in the game, be it as NPCs or even as selectable portraits for your character to choose from …

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Dev-Diary #24: Gear up!

Shadowrun Online - 16.01.2015 2:47PM - Shadowrun Online

Ever since we released Character Customization in the August Update, you’ve had the chance to change everything about your character between missions – name, looks, clothes, loadout, everything. This is going to change soon. Here’s a little outlook.

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Sioux Nation released, Crossfire Mission contest started

JHardy - 11.01.2015 2:34PM - Shadowrun Tabletop

Hoi Chummers! As the first instalment of our new Shadows in Focus we’ve recently made Sioux Nation available via Battleshop and DriveThruRPG – learn more about the series in general and Sioux Nation in particular here. We’re also very excited to announce our Shadowrun: Crossfire Mission contest – a few months ago we announced a contest for fans to design their own mission for Shadowrun: Crossfire. We received some intriguing submissions, and the time has come for fans to vote both on the Fan Favorite mission and on the Wildest Ride! Learn more about it here.


Dev-Diary #23: Getting Back Into The Shadows

Shadowrun Online - 09.01.2015 1:08PM - Shadowrun Online

Most of you might have noticed that it’s been rather quiet ever since we released the latest version of Shadowrun Online. What happened? Well, the holidays did. After the long, sometimes exhausting time it took to reshape our game into something better (which according to your feedback worked out quite well, though we know there’s still work to do), we decided to take a break to recharge our batteries. This week however we slipped back into the shadows – and shifted into high gear to tackle our next goals.

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